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Do you want to record video for the demo of your software or want to do recording for your training and upload on various video site? You must be looking for some software which can record your desktop and your voice and make video for you. There are number of software’s you can find on CNET but almost all are either paid or short period trail version. In case if that is trial period you cannot do screen recording in HD video or you will see watermark on the background. This is kind of frustrating. Try cam video etc. all will give same kind of pain.

Today I will go through a nice piece of software which is not only free but also it’s very handy easy and you will get high quality audio video output. This is Microsoft Expression 4. And the best part is this is free (if you need very advanced features then you need to upgrade).


To install Expression, open following link;;. Incase if Microsoft move the location you can search for ‘Microsoft Expression Encoder 4’ in Google or Bing and that will give you the exact location of Microsoft Expression. Download the file and install on your windows machine.

How to Use:

Go to ‘Start’ menu and open ‘Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture SP2’ and you will see the following screen.

First two Icon is very easy to understand which is for microphone and Camera incase if you want to record your own video. Third icon is for option where you can modify screen, Camera audio.

I will go later in more detail while dong recording.

Start Recording:

There is a red button which is to start recording. Click on this button that will show you something like following to select the screen area which you want to record.

The intersection point is the mouse curser. Move the mouse to the top left corner from the area from where you want to start recording. Drag the mouse to the button left point with clicked condition which will give you the exact coordinate as follows.

Later you can adjusts the region for recording like dragging the dots as given below or using button and fields given in Select Region window.

Click on the record button on the red button give on above screen. You will see four blinking corners across selected region and your recoding started. Small application window will give information about the length of the ongoing recording, size etc. which will help you to manage your timing etc.

Figure 1: Recording Ongoing. Figure 2 Recording Paused

You can pause and resume recording by clicking corresponding button as given above. As soon as your click on stop recording by clicking on the stop button it will take you to the following screen.





Now you need to convert this .xesc file to video file. Click on the button ‘Send to Encoder’ this will load Expression Encoder

In free version you will convert into Window Media file which is sufficient for now because there are many free utilities available in the market where you can convert Window media files into various formats.

To encode go to ‘File’ Menu and select Encode (Ctrl + E). Encoding will start as follows.

output file will save into output folder located at ‘C:\..\..\ Documents\Expression\Expression Encoder\Output’.

Now you can upload this file to anywhere you want to also you can convert to different format as desired. You can find various utilities on CNET website which for format conversion.

Now your life will be lot easier to do any kind of recording, you can record training video and upload on YouTube or share with your student. I do record all videos using Microsoft Expression.


If You are .NET programmer and want to write code to do recording, you can utilize the dlls of Microsoft Expression.

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